PACDEFF 2019 | Gold Coast


Day 1 – 3 Sept

Keynote 1: “Homo Sapiens, Bullies and CRM” – Lex Rock HeemstraHomo Sapiens, Bullies & CRM – LR Heemstra
Lessons from the Darkness: What We Can Learn from 5000+ Days and Nights of Pilots’ Sleep Data – Dr Adam Fletcher (Integrated Safety Support)Fatigue Study Fletcher
Integrating Human Factors with Safety Management Systems – CAANZ – Capt. Mark Hughes (CAANZ)
Current Topical Regulatory Issues – Dr. Selina Fothergill (CASA)
Human Factors Lessons from the Space Program – Wg Cdr Mick Aspinall (RAAF)190902SpaceLessonsNeilArmstrong
Pilot Fatigue: A Study of Safety Investigation Reports – Assoc. Prof. Nectarios Karanikas (QUT)PACDEFF 2019_Karanikas
Introducing CRM/NTS and SMS to the Tourism Sector: Lessons Learned from Aviation- Capt. Glen Eastlake (Milford Sound Flights) and Malika Rose (AJ Hackett Bungy)
The Effects of Distraction in the Operating Theatre – Dr Kim Vidhani (PA Hospital)
CAO 48.1 Pilot Fatigue Management: An Update from CASA – Dr. Robert Forsterlee (CASA)
Implementing Human Factors Solutions for Australian Flight Training Schools – Dr Selina Fothergill (CASA/UQ)
Applying Just Culture from a Human Factors Perspective – Carolyn Vaughan and Mike Nendick (Qantas)

Day 2 – 4 Sept

Keynote 2: “NextGen Accident Analysis and Prevention: The End of Human Error” – Professor Paul Salmon (USC)
The Migration of CRM Training – Brent Hayward (Dédale Asia Pacific)
Werner Naef Communicating or Talking – Werner Naef (Kahler Communications)
NSW Air Ambulance: An Update on an NTS Program – Mark Holmes (NSW Air Ambulance)and Kiralee Tynan (Virgin Australia)
Flight Crew Forum
Mid-fidelity Simulations in Pilot Training – Bridging the Gap Between the Classroom and the Simulator – Dr Patrizia Knabl (Emirates)
On the Captain’s Watch: The Captain as Pilot Monitoring – Stuart Beveridge (UNSW)Captains Watch Beveridge
The Relationship Between Non-technical Skills and Resilience – Assoc. Prof. Wayne Martin (CQU)Resilience and NTS Martin
Evaluation of Flight Training: An Example from Military Aviation – Dr. Anastasios Plioutsias (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)
NTS at Work: ‘Two Strangers on a Plane’ – Capt. Cameron Wegemund (Jetstar)
Pilots Are Human Beings Too: Providing Support for Pilot Mental Health – Tony Merritt (Sydney Clinical Psychology)
Cabin Crew Forum
What Do I Care? The Role of Supervisor Support in Prevention and Management of Work Related Injuries in Cabin Crew – Michael Tew (Axis Rehab.)
Cabin Crew Training with a Situated Learning Perspective. – Maria Larrea (Griffith University)
Cabin Crew NTS Leadership Workshop – Kelly Hankin (Virgin Australia)
Cabin Crew Peer Support Workshop – Capt. Todd Mickleson (Qantas) & Belinda Warner (Virgin Australia)
ATC HF Workshop – Craig Smith, Kim Nichols, Bill Appleby PACDEFF 2019 Appleby RCAT Support Coaching in ATC, Mark Stretch(ACNZ)

Day 3 – 5 Sept

PACDEFF Plenary and Workshops
Keynote 3 – Captain David Evans (Qantas)
Mental Health Issues for Accident Investigators – Dr. Trang Dao
Front Line Peer Support – Capt. Chris Smith (Jetstar) and F/O Matthew O’Keefe (AFAP)
Peer Support in HEMS Operations: Dealing With Trauma – Adrian Park (Toll Logistics)
Addiction – The Disease: How Pilots Support Pilots with the Support of Industry – F/O Matthew O’Keefe and Dr. Russell Brown (HIMS Australia Advisory Group)
Workshop 1 – Designing and Implementing a Fatigue Risk Management System – Dr Adam Fletcher (Integrated Safety Support)
Workshop 2 – Command Upgrade NTS/CRM – Carolyn Vaughan (Qantas) & Belinda Warner (Virgin Australia)
Workshop 3 – CRM Facilitation (Rocky Heemstra)
General Forum
JAL’s New EBT Competency Assessment Methodology – Ryuichi Toyota (Japan Airlines)JAL EBT Toyota
PPS:Integrating Deep Learning AI Into Flight Deck Operations to Enhance Safety – Shigeru Fujii (Japan Airlines)③PPS Fujii
Training Medical Students in NTS – Assoc. Prof. Natasha Yates (Bond University)