Day 1 – Tuesday 29th of July

  1. The Impact of UAV’s on Aviation Operations (Dr Alan Hobbs – Keynote Speaker)
  2. An update by NZCAA on Current HF Issues in NZ (Stephen Hunt – NZCAA)
  3. An update by CASA on NTS Rule Implementation in Australia (Gareth McGraw, CASA)
  4. The Classroom is Dead – Long Live CRM (Assoc. Prof. Matthew Thomas – CQU)
  5. Human Factors in CRM – Are We Delivering Evidence-based Training? (Rocky Heemstra – Emirates)
  6. Is Human Factors Training Worth It? (Keith Calvert – HFTS)
  7. The Importance of Human Factors & CRM from an Airline CEO’s Perspective (Shelley Musk- Jet Connect)
  8. Cue Based Decision Making (Assoc Prof. Mark Wiggins – Macquarie University)
  9. Wilful Blindness in Aviation (Julian Hipwell – OneCrew Australia)
  10. SA – What You Are Looking At Is Not What You See (Bob Ockenden)
  11. An Overview of an Airline HF/CRM Programme (Jet Connect)

Day 2 – Wednesday 30th of July

  1. Perspectives in Aviation (Prof. Graham Braithwaite – Keynote Speaker)
  2. The Human Factors of Change in Aviation (Heather Fitzpatrick – Aerosafe Risk Management)
  3. An Overview of a Training Organisation’s HF/CRM Programme (Greg Hagarty and Phillip Walmsley – CTC Aviation)
  4. Comparisons with the Medical Industry (Dr. Kim Vidhani)

Forum 1 (Flight Crew Forum)

  1. The Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) – 100 Not Out! (Patrick Murray – The LOSA Collaborative)
  2. Upset Recovery Human Factors (Dr Barbara Kanki – NASA/Ames Research Centre)
  3. Human Factors Challenges During Training Operations (Capt. Dave Trenberth – VANZ)
  4. Investigating the Effects of GA Aircraft Noise on Pilot Performance (Dr Brett Molesworth – UNSW)
  5. The Role of Automation in Recent Incidents (Melanie Todd – ATSB)
  6. Emotional Behaviour and Flight Safety (Dr Doug Drury – UNISA)

Forum 2 (Cabin Crew Forum)

  1. Cabin Crew Turbulence Threat Management (Kellie Wilson – VANZ)
  2. Human Factors in Aeromedical Operations (Mark Holmes – Air Ambulance NSW)
  3. Cabin Crew Decision Making During a Critical Event (Stephen Barry)
  4. Human Factors in the Cabin During a Critical Fuel Emergency (Guy Kleinschmidt – VA)
  5. Cabin Crew HF/NTS Skills Evaluation in Practice (Capt. Moira Schlossberger – Tiger Air)
  6. Sole Cabin Crew Human Factors Considerations During Normal and Non-normal Operations (Deanna Hallett – Air Nelson)
  7. How Prepared are Cabin Crew to Manage an Abnormal Situation? (Sue Rice)

Forum 3 (Engineering/ATC/General Forum)

  1. Emotional Intelligence and Values alignment in NTS (Peter Russo – Engaging Leaders)
  2. Airways Corporation NZ Safety Training Initiative (Lucy Mitchell & Martin Edwards – ACNZ)
  3. Human Factors in ATC Incident Investigation (Kerri Garland – Air Services Australia)
  4. The Need for Non-technical Skills Training for Supervisors Within Maintenance (Gareth McGraw – CASA)

Forum 4 (General Forum)

  1. The Development of Human Factor Guidelines for UAV Ground Control Stations (Dr Alan Hobbs – San Jose State University/Nasa-Ames Research Center)
  2. Human Performance Considerations for Civil Uses of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (Dr Selina Fothergill – CASA)
  3. Human Factors Training in the Medical Industry (Dr. Kim Vidhani – Queensland Health)
  4. Advanced Facilitator Skills Workshop (Jana Ewing – Virgin Australia)

Day 3 – Thursday 31st of July

Forum 1 (am)

Decision Making Workshop (Associate Professor Matthew Thomas and Associate Professor Mark Wiggins)

Forum 1 (pm)

Contemporary Safety Culture Programs and Risk Based Training Workshop (Ryan Cooper and Ray Plekker – ADF)

Forum 2 Massey University Academic Research Stream

  1. Australian Aviators’ Conception of Airmanship (Kirstie Carrick – University of Newcastle)
  2. Pilot Cognitive Functioning During Extended, Extreme In-flight Emergencies (Dr Clint Balog – Embry Riddle University)
  3. Psychiatric Illnesses in Pilots: Improving Strategy of Care (Dr Trang Dao – Montreal, Canada)
  4. Outcome Bias and Under-Reporting in Aviation (Dr Andrew Gilbey – Massey University)
  5. Benchmarking of New Zealand airports (Aruna Ranganathan – Massey University)
  6. Mitigating the Effects of Startle During Critical Events (Wayne Martin – Griffith University)
  7. Role of Air Service Quality on the Satisfaction of Dependent Customers Living in Remote Areas (Dr Jose Perezgonzalez – Massey University)
  8. Exploring the Effect of Introduction of Threat and Error Management in Australian General Aviation (Paul (Seung-Yong) Lee – Griffith University
  9. Biodiesel for Aviation Diesel Engines in New Zealand (Dr Rose Davies – Massey University)
  10. Crew Behavioural Evaluations as a Component of an Integrated Safety Management System (Sue Burdekin – ADFA, UNSW)

Forum 3 Asia Pacific Cabin Safety Working Group Stream

  1. An Update on the Latest IATA Cabin Safety Conference (Shane Constable – Air New Zealand)
  2. Lithium Battery Storage in Fires (Ross Riddle – Riddle Fire Rescue Services)
  3. Inflight Safety Briefings: Improving Passenger Recall of Safety Related Information (Dr Brett Molesworth – UNSW)
  4. Nora Virus on Aircraft (Dr Tim Sprott)
  5. Topical Issues (Professor Graham Braithwaite – Cranfield University)
  6. Open Forum on Cabin Safety Issues (Dave Lattimore)