PACDEFF 2010 | Adelaide


An outline of a CRM/NTS Training Program – Jet Connect – Murray Stratford and Roger Cappel

An outline of a CRM/NTS Training Program – Regional Express – Terry Horsam)

An outline of a TRM Training Program – Airways Corp NZ – Bill Appleby

Forum 1

An update by CASA on NTS Training and Assessment Rules in Australia (Morteza Tehrani)

Forum 2

An update by CAA NZ on HF/CRM Training and Assessment Rules in New Zealand (Mark Hughes)

Forum 3

Operationalising CRM/NTS/HF Training. Moving it out of the classroom and into the aircraft and the simulator – How do we do it? (Cameron Tribe)

Forum 4

Evidence based training (Patrick Murray)

Forum 5

Coping with Cognitive Overload (Julian Hipwell)


Workshop 1

Threat and Error Management- An operator’s perspective (Paul Clayton)

Workshop 2

Cabin Crew CRM/NTS/HF Training – Building on current best practice (Karina Francks and Robbie Ferkatovich)

Workshop 3

Facing the challenges in upskilling Training and Checking Staff (Tim Mavin)

Workshop 4

Behavioural Competency Assessment of CRM/NTS/HF (Matthew Thomas)

Workshop 5

Cabin Crew Forum 2 – Cabin CRM/NTS/HF Training and Assessment for the future(Carolyn Vaughan and Belinda Ferguson)

Workshop 6

Effective Team Resource Management Training in ATC (Dave Ashton)