PACDEFF 2011 | Queenstown


  1. An outline of a CRM/NTS Programme (Air Nuigini)
  2. An outline of a CRM/NTS Programme (Air Nelson)
  3. An update by NZCAA on HF/CRM Rule Implementation in NZ (Mark Hughes – NZCAA)
  4. An update by CASA on NTS Rule Implementation in Australia (Ian Banks – CASA)
  5. Developing Competencies and Markers: Linking CRM Training to Operational Needs(Norman MacLeod – Cathay Pacific)
  6. Human Factors in Accident Investigation (Melanie Todd – ATSB)
  7. Empowering Human Performance – Where do we go from here? (Mick Aspinall – ADF Air Lift Group)
  8. Safety Management Systems: Human Factors challenges in a real world airline (Heather Fitzpatrick – V Australia) (Link Removed at Presenter’s request)
  9. Human Cognitive Functioning – Should Pilots be Worried? – Aligning Kern’s Models. (Alan Baker – RNZAF)
  10. Pilot/Engineer Communication: Cleared to Disconnect? (Tahlia Fisher – Air New Zealand)
  11. Facilitating Emotional Awareness (Doug Drury – UNISA)
  12. Emergency Stress: Improving Pilot performance during unexpected critical events(Wayne Martin – Griffith University)
  13. Identifying the Qualities of the ideal Captain (Steve Swauger – Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association)
    Human Factors in Command Upgrade Training (Gerard Dorge – Virgin Australia)
  14. Abnormal Passenger Behaviour (Belinda Warner – Virgin Australia)
  15. Threat Recognition of Potentially Disruptive Behaviours (Julian Hipwell – OneCrew, Hong Kong)
  16. Training and Assessing Cabin Crew Non-Technical Skills (Karina Francks – Pacific Blue Airlines and Dr. Matthew Thomas – Westwood-Thomas Associates)
  17. The development/TEM/CRM considerations of RNP procedures. (Kevin Bethwaite – ACNZ)
  18. Communication and coordination errors between controllers(Chris Bearman – UNISA)
  19. Non Technical Skills Training for Ramp Crew (Louise Raggett – Qantas)
  20. Human Factors Training for Engineers: The challenges of Part 145 (Gareth McGraw – CASA)
  21. Meeting the challenges of Human Factors training for third party contractors (Glen Eastlake)