PACDEFF 2016 | Adelaide


7 Nov

0900-0910 Welcome and Introduction
0910-0955 (Keynote Presentation) – Dr. Barbara Holder
1000-1025 Contemporary Issues in Aviation Human Factors – Reuben Delamore and Claire Greaves (CASA)
1055-1120 Influencing Behaviour: Our Challenge – Mark Hughes (CAANZ)
1125-1150 Safety and Cultural Intelligence: Building Success in a Multi-national Workforce – Peter Russo (Engaging Leaders)
1155-1220 Challenges when University Researchers Work Collaboratively with Industry: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? – Dr. Selena Fothergill
1320-1345 The Use of Virtual Reality in Airline Training  aaron-snoswell-pacdeff-2016-slides-vr-training
1350-1445 Debriefing in Medicine: Common Lessons? – Dr. Kim Vidhani (P.A. Hospital)
1515-1610 ATC in Practice Presentation – Bill Appleby (ACNZ)
1615-1635 Overview of an Airline HF Program –  Katherine Hill (Jetstar)
1640-1700 Overview of an Airline HF Program – Sharnita Verhoeven (Alliance Airlines)

8 Nov

0900-0910 Welcome and Introduction
0910-0955 From Risk to Resilience (Keynote Presentation) – Dr. Carl Macrae
1000-1025 Multi-crew Cooperation Training – Reflections on the First 12 Months of an MCC Course – Professor Patrick Murray (USQ) (Head of Operations, Aviation Australia)
1055-1120 Towards a Person-centred Change in a Safety Critical Environment – pacdeff-presentation-philippa-murphy-rssb
1125-1150 Germanwings Task Force Recommendations: A Critical Analysis  – german-wings-trang-dao

Parallel Workshop: HF in Aeromedical Operations Forum 
1055-1115 Aiming Higher and Reaching Further Through Collaborative Aviation Partnerships: NSW Air Ambulance and Virgin Australia NTS Course – Mark Holmes (Air Ambulance NSW)
1115-1135 Helicopter EMS Human Factors – Matt Reiter (Babcock Mission Critical Services Australasia)
1135-1215 Risk-based NTS Training for Aeromedical Ops – Rick Sellers (Convergent Safety)

Parallel Workshop: Psychology in Practice 1
1055-1145 Pilot Mental Health in the Workplace – Tony Merritt (Sydney Clinical Psychology)
1145-1215 Holistic Mental and Physical Health Practitioner Options as part of a Pilot Peer Support System – Greg Doney (Goodsky) goodsky-presentation

PACDEFF Flight Crew Forum
1245-1310 Integrating Humans into the Future Flightdeck – Dr. Barbara Holder (Honeywell)
1315-1340 UPRT – The Three Pillars of Prevention – Dr. Wayne Martin pacdeff-2016-presentation-w-martin
1350-1415 Flight Deck Design – Are We Missing the Basics? Capt. Steve Wright
1420-1445 Startle and Surprise Management -An Operational Training Experiment- Edzard Boland (NLR Dutch Aerospace Research Centre)pacdeff-startle-surprise-management

1245-1445 PACDEFF Cabin Crew Forum
1245-1310 Tragedy at 28,000ft: A Case Study – Jana Ewing (Virgin Australia)
1315-1340 Human Factors and Cabin Crew Injuries in the Workplace – Michael Tew (Axis Physiotherapy)
1350-1415 Applying the MAPP Model for Cabin Crew Training and Assessment – Di Ballard (Mount Cook Airlines)
1420-1445 Human Factors Considerations as a Flight Nurse – Mark Holmes (NSW Air Ambulance)

1245-1445 PACDEFF ATC Forum
1245-1310 Collaborative Work Practice in Air Traffic Control (ATC) Donald Gyles & Dr. Chris Bearman (CQU)
1315-1340 Enhancing HF in ATC investigations – Kate Cook (Airways Corporation New Zealand)
1350-1415 NOSS results following HF training –  Craig Smith and Lucy Mitchell (Airways Corporation New Zealand)
1420-1445 ATC Control System Error Management Limitations and Resolutions – A Case Study – Bill Appleby (Airways Corporation New Zealand)

1515-1715 Flight Crew Workshop
1515-1715 Assessing NTS Behavioural Markers Workshop – Capt. Simon Henderson, PhD (Virgin Australia) & Dr. Matthew Thomas (Westwood-Thomas)

1515-1715 PACDEFF Psychology in Practice Workshop
1515-1540 HIMS Update – Matthew O’Keefe and Julian Hipwell (AFAP)
1545-1715 Coaching Failing Aviators Workshop – Allan Baker & Rocky Heemstra

1515-1715 PACDEFF Human Factors for Engineers Workshop
1515-1540 Pilot and Engineer Interactions: An Exploration of Human Factors in the Line Maintenance Environment – Tahlia Fisher (Air New Zealand)
1545-1610 Contemporary Issues in Maintenance Human Factors – Darren Cook (Qantas)
1620-1715 Human Factors in Maintenance Workshop – Darren Cook (Qantas) & Dr. Alan Hobbs (San Jose State University)