PACDEFF 2013 | Gold Coast


  1. The Life and Times of a CRM Course (Dr Steve Jarvis – Keynote Speaker)
  2. An update by CASA on NTS Rule Implementation in Australia (Ian Banks, CASA)
  3. An update by NZCAA on HF/CRM Rule Implementation in NZ (Peter Underwood – NZCAA)
  4. Faking CRM: Talking the Walk (Brent Hayward – Dedale)
  5. Managing HF Training Amongst Diverse Multicultural Crews (Rocky Heemstra – Emirates)
  6. Updating the Schell model to recognise the impact and increasing use of technology in the flight deck and other safety critical work places (Steve Wright)
  7. Are there Non-Technical Skills We Can Learn from the Medical profession? (Dr. Kim Vidhani – PA Hospital)
  8. An outline of a CRM/NTS Program (Chee Seng Seow – Singapore Airlines)
  9. An outline of a CRM/NTS Program (Gerard Dorge – Virgin Australia)
  10. PCM: Individualising Human Factors Training to Work for You When it is Needed Most (Mike Nendick & Werner Naef)
  11. Evaluating NTS Programs – is there a better way? (Adrian Rowland & Louise Raggett – UNSW)
  12. Mentoring – Challenges and Benefits for the Organisation and Individuals (Mick Aspinall – RAAF)
  13. Incorporating Investigation Data into Human Factors Training (Alison Meyer – HFTS)
  14. Contemporary Skills-Based NTS for Military Transport Crews (Ben Cook – ADF)
  15. Human Factors in CAT III Operations – An ATC Perspective (John Duske – Airways NZ)
  16. Pilot Monitoring Skills Workshop (Assoc. Prof. Patrick Murray – Griffith University)
  17. The Containment Model (Julian Hipwell – OneCrew Australia)
  18. Flight Crew Facilitation Skills Workshop (Assoc. Prof. Tim Mavin – Griffith University)
  19. Cabin Crew Facilitation Skills Workshop (Belinda Warner – Virgin Australia)
  20. Tales from the Cabin in a Major Emergency (Peter Lipsett – Qantas Airways)
  21. Cabin Crew HF/CRM Training and Assessment (Mary Wallis – NZCAA)
  22. Acting Up’ – A Review of an Uncommanded Precautionary Disembarkation (Jaye Stevens – Virgin Australia)
  23. Noise Cancelling Headsets and Cabin Safety (Dr. Brett Molesworth – UNSW)
  24. Perspectives from Abroad on MRM (Dr. Alan Hobbs – San Jose State University)
  25. An outline of a Maintenance Human Factors Training Program (Genevieve Cuddy – Qantas)
  26. Engineering/Ground Ops Facilitation Skills Workshop (Jana Ewing – Virgin Australia)
  27. A review of progress on Part 145 Implementation (Gareth McGraw – CASA)
  28. A Correlation of Safety Culture and Maintenance Human Factors (Dr. Robert Forster-Lee – RAN)
  29. An Outline of an NTS Program in Rail (Samantha Carter – Queensland Rail)
  30. CRM for CEOs and Operational Challenges (Paul Mayes – ISASI)
  31. The Evolution of CRM/NTS Training Programs Going Forward (Rizwan Nasir)
  32. Human Factors Training for UAV Operators in the ADF (Sam James – Australian Army)
  33. HF/CRM Implementation in the RNZAF – An update (Anna Collard-Scruby – RNZAF)
    Fit to Fly – A Cognitive Resilience program (Doug Edwards)