PACDEFF 2012| Sydney


  1. Human Factors and System Safety: Past, Present and Future (Dr Rob Lee – Keynote Speaker)
  2. Managing Human Factors Challenges in a Major Aircraft Emergency (Capt. Richard de Crespigny)
  3. HF NTS Implementation Overview (Ian Banks, CASA)
  4. CAANZ – PACDEFF Presentation (Mark Hughes – NZCAA)
  5. An outline of a CRM/NTS Program (Carolyn Vaughan – Qantas Airways)
  6. An outline of a CRM/NTS Program (Jemma Heatley – Our Airline)
  7. An outline of a CRM/NTS Program (Capt. Prita Widjaja – Garuda Airlines)
  8. Informed Decisions in Aviation Safety – the value of Research (Assoc. Prof. Patrick Murray and Paul Lee
  9. Development of a new CRM framework for New Zealand Military Operations (Anna Collard-Scruby – RNZAF)
  10. Keynote Presentation (Prof. Sidney Dekker – Griffith University)
  11. Managing Fatigue in a Large Mixed Fleet Operation (Dr David Powell – Air New Zealand)
  12. Getting non-technical skills into the simulator and emergency procedures training – lessons from simulation in rail and healthcare (Assoc Prof Matthew Thomas)
  13. Human Factors Training Programs, Skills and Evaluation Presentation (Keith Calvert – HFTS)
  14. Human Factors Training Programs, Skills and Evaluation Notes (Keith Calvert – HFTS)
  15. An analysis of the Human Factors in EK407 (Melanie Todd – ATSB)
  16. An update from the International Workshop on Flight Deck Automation (Capt Simon Henderson PhD – Virgin Australia)
  17. Training Interventions for overcoming OLOC(Julian Hipwell ONECREW-Australia)
  18. Beyond CRM: what comes next in the ADF? (Sue Burdekin – ADFA)
  19. Cultural Perspectives on Flight Operations and the impact of Ramadan fasting on crew performance (Sigit Hani Hadiyanto and Capt. Prita Widjaja)
  20. Human Factors in passenger screening: An aircrew perspective (Katharine Ng – OneCrew, Hong Kong)
  21. Managing the Cabin in a major emergency: Lessons from QF32 (CSM Michael von Reth – QF32)
  22. Applying Adult Learning Principles to improve Cabin Crew Human Factors Training (Carolyn Vaughan – Qantas Airways)
  23. Developing Cabin Crew Behavioural Assessment Markers (Assoc Prof Matthew Thomas and Karina Francks)
  24. Developing and implementing appropriate HF and TEM programs for Engineering and Maintenance (Richard Sellers – Convergent Safety)
  25. Development of Safety Performance Indicators for Human Systems Integration (Adrian Rowland – Transport Regulator NSW)
  26. Assessing Non-Technical Skills in Safety Critical Ground Staff (David Helibron – CASA)
  27. Implementing Non-Technical Skills Training at a third party ground handling agent (Tim Meagher – Toll Dnata)
  28. Engineering Human Factors Training: An update on Part 145 (Gareth McGraw – CASA)
  29. Learning from Aviation: How tailored NTS training has shown positive effects on error management in the Rail Industry (Samantha Carter – Qld Rail)