Workshop 1

PACDEFF Workshops

Our world class line up of workshop hosts for 2022 will be providing a great opportunity for skill and knowledge development in a user-friendly, interactive environment.

Workshop 1 – Human & Organisational Performance and Learning Teams

Andy Shone – Southpac Aerospace

Human and Organisational Performance – or HOP – is a contemporary perspective on how we can improve work. It focuses on understanding the context and conditions of work, recognising the complex interactions between people and systems. HOP helps us understand how humans perform and gives us a framework for building more resilient organisations.

It’s not just about safety. HOP can be applied across every facet of an organisation to grow capacity and improve how we work.

HOP recognises that workers are the experts in how work gets done – and how they are able to adapt to the ever-changing complexities that come with it. Put simply, Learning Teams allow your people to provide both the insight into their work and being a part of ways to make it better. Specifically, a Learning Team is a facilitated conversation with field experts to share their insights, experiences and stories about their work. The outcome is a holistic understanding of how they navigate every-day operations, with a positive focus on building system resilience.

Learning Teams

This context-rich information gained from the process identifies the real problems, where systems may be brittle and what is working well, which fosters decisions and actions that are relevant to building system resilience. Learning Teams provide a collaborative approach to improve and enhance operations, capacity and rigour around critical controls. The true strength of Learning Teams is that the focus is on normal operations. While this can be useful in incident response activities, they can be used at any time to learn, providing a proactive means to safety management.

Learning Teams can generate reports and actions much like traditional safety activity methods, however the real benefits are seen in the engagement and commitment generated. There is a basic human need to be heard, understood and included. Learning Teams provide a platform for this to happen, and the stories shared post-learning team sessions can be transformational. The depth of learning and insight from the process enables better comprehension of problems, creating effective solutions and allows for informed decision making.

Southpac Aerospace are a major sponsor of PACDEFF and will kindly be sponsoring the welcome event on the 21st of March from 1730.